Mata Atlantica As stated earlier, 400 ha of the farm area conserve an intact Mata Atlântica (Atlantic rain forest), half of it near the home. Here even though the owners have changed, the ideal of never extracting any piece of wood has been followed. for about 100 years.

Hunting has not been allowed on the farm since 1940 and that is because its fauna still exists. We have capybaras, pacas, armadillos, sloths, jaguars, red deers, etc., as well as unnumbered birds, from humming birds to sanhaços, parrots and hawks.

In the early 1940s sylvan yellow fever wiped out the monkeys, so that the jaguars also left our region. Jaguars (spotted and black ones, as well as pumas) returned about four years ago.

We are very delighted to say that in the year 2000 the first howling monkeys and macacos prego (Cebus apella) arrived again on our farm.

In 1972, one of the biggest replanting projects started in São Paulo state in partnership with Papel Simão, now kown as VCP of Votorantim Group. Almost 6,000,000 Eucalyptus trees were planted to produce paper and cellulose.

Eucaliptus The section of Eucaliptus shown here was (re)planted in 1996. After 4 years, in 2000, the trees were 15 m high on average (about 40'). Now in 2004, they had been harvested and the area had been replanted again.


Eucaliptus Crop :  wood pile waiting for shipping to the cellulose plant at Jacareí SP. For better estimate the amount of the trees here stocked, compare with the car on your right..


Eucaliptus timber yard